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A. All you need to do is, fill out the required information in the Registration Form as accurately and click on the 'Submit' button. 

A. Yes you can! In the Registration Form, you can specify your relationship with the person on whose behalf you are registering.

A. Registration on MyLifePair.com is FREE.
Register Now with MyLifePair.com and create your Profile.

A.You can avail of the following services as a free Member:-
1. Create and manage your Profile on MyLifePair.com.
2. Add Photos to your Profile.
3. Add your Partner Preferences the kind of person you are looking for.
4. Search and View Profiles without restrictions
5. Express Interest in other Members and respond to Members who Express Interest in you
6. Receive Chat requests and Chat with Members who are online
7. Add your Horoscope and also create your Astro Sketch
8. See Members who viewed your Profile, Members who Expressed Interest in you and Members who match your Partner Preferences.
9. Shortlist a Profile that you like. Register Now with MyLifePair.com and create your Profile.

A. Registration and Profile creation on MyLifePair. com can be completed in less than 10 minutes. In three easy steps, you can register with MyLifePair.com and create your Profile.

A. We understand that it may become tedious for you to fill in a long-form in one go. However, matrimonial decisions are important decisions and hence one should convey detailed information about oneself to Interested Members. The more information you provide about yourself the more likely you are to be contacted by other Members of MyLifePair.com. So please do take the time and effort to complete your Profile. Register Now with MyLifePair. com and create your Profile.

A. No. You may specify only one email while registering. You can however change your email address later if you wish

A. A MyLifePair.com has tried to be as comprehensive as possible while creating the many lists being used in the Registration form. However, it is possible that your particular religion/caste, mother tongue, education, profession etc may not be represented here. In such a case we request that you use the 'Other' option provided to you. Also, you can send an email to info@MyLifePair.com clearly listing the new addition you would like us to make to the Registration form. While we do not guarantee that your suggestion will be accepted, we will try our best to ensure that it does.

A. These details are usually of Interest for matching horoscopes. You may leave these details blank if you are not sure of answers to these questions. However, we recommend that you try and find these answers and enter them later. This information will be useful in generating automatic horoscopes for better matrimonial matches.

A. Verifying your phone number helps you get more responses, since it builds trust, and adds authenticity to your Profile. You can Verify your phone number by using either our Interactive Voice Response System or via SMS in case you have provided a mobile number as your contact number.
Click here to verify your phone number

A. A Profile ID is automatically generated by MyLifePair.comand uniquely identifies your Profile on MyLifePair.com. Every Member of MyLifePair.com has a unique Profile ID. Other Members can also search for your Profile using the Profile ID search feature.

A. Do not use your Profile to display your contact details. Do not make commercial use of it and do not include content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist. See our terms of use / service agreement for more details of what type of content is prohibited on MyLifePair.com.
Be as detailed as possible while creating your Profile. After your Profile is activated, be sure to fill in the Partner Profile and also to upload a photograph. The more information you add, the more your chances of finding a partner.
Register Now with MyLifePair.comand create your Profile.

A. Every Profile posted on MyLifePair.comis associated with only one unique email. You may have received this error message because you or someone else has already posted a Profile using this email. If you think your email is being used by someone else, please send us an email from the address that is under contention and let us know.

A. Setting your Partner Preferences tells us more about the kind of partner you are looking for and helps MyLifePair.com suggest better matching Profiles for you. Also, your Preferences helps other Members decide whether you be interested if they were to contact you.
Click here to edit your Partner Preferences.

A. The Login and Logout options are found at the top right corner of the MyLifePair.com website.
 Click here to login to MyLifePair.com.

A. Yes, you can be logged into your account permanently by selecting the “Stay Signed in” option next to the “Sign in” button.
NOTE: We recommend that you do NOT use the ‘Stay signed in’ feature if you are signing in from a shared computer.

A. Yes. The  Who is Online feature lists Members who are currently online. This feature helps online Members to get noticed.

A. If you have forgotten your password, we can send it to you via email.  Click here and enter your email; you will receive your Login and Password credentials immediately.

A. Click here to visit the ‘My Settings’ page and change your password. The ‘My Settings’ page can be accessed by clicking on your display name on the top right, after you log in.

A. Click here to edit your contact information.

A. Posting your Profile on MyLifePair.comis easy and completely FREE of cost. All you need to do is fill in our FREE Registration form.

A. Click here to edit your Profile. You can also access this page by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ from your MyLifePair.com page.

A. You can change your Display Name and change your Display Name settings from the Privacy Options page inside ‘Settings’.
If you prefer not to display your full name on your Profile, you can choose to display your First Name and initial of last name e.g.Raj R or you can choose to display a custom username

A. Click here to access the ‘My Account’ page and edit your email.

A. Whenever you create a new Profile or you modify certain information in your Profile, the Profile is screened by the Customer Relations team of MyLifePair.com. During the screening process, only your essential information is displayed. Once the screening process is completed (usually within 24 hours) your Profile will be completely visible to everybody.

A. Under normal circumstances it won't be discoverable in search engines but if you have mentioned your name in your profile-about me section then there are chances of the profile being discoverable in search engines via full name.

A. Yes you can. To hide your Profile, click here and then click on the Hide / Delete Profile link.

A. No. If you choose to hide your Profile, it will be hidden from all MyLifePair.com Members.

A. Activity factor gives an indication of how responsive you are. Maintaining a healthy Activity Factor increases your chances of being contacted by other Members.

A. Yes, you can. Click here to add your Hobbies & Interests now. If your specific hobby or Interest is not included, please write to us and we will try to add it to the list.

A. Yes, you have complete control over your privacy. You can choose who you display your horoscope to by either choosing to show it to all Members or to only Members you accept or Express Interest in. Click here to change your horoscope display settings.

A. Our statistics show that adding a photo to your Profile increases the number of times your Profile is viewed, by up to 7 times. You are also likely to receive 10 times as many responses if you add a Profile photo. You can add up to 10 photos to your MyLifePair.com Profile.Click here to add photos to your Profile.

A. We are thrilled that you found your life partner on MyLifePair.com. We would be more than happy to share this wonderful news with other MyLifePair.com Members, on your behalf. Your details will be posted in the Success Stories section of MyLifePair.com. Click here to send us your Success Story.

A. Our statistics show that adding a photo to your Profile increases the number of times your Profile is viewed, by upto 7 times. You are also likely to receive 10 times as many responses if you add a Profile photo. You can add upto 5 photos to your MyLifePair.comProfile.Click here to add Photos to your Profile.

A. Yes, it is absolutely safe to add Photos to your Profile, MyLifePair.com ensures that all photographs are watermarked so as to prevent your photos from being tampered with. 

A. Jpg, gif, bmp, tiff and png are the most popular digital image formats on the internet, MyLifePair.com accepts only these image formats for Profile photos.

A. To remove your photo from your Profile, go to your My Photos page and use the delete function on the photo that you want to remove.

A. A MyLifePair.com screens all photographs uploaded by Members to ensure that these photos are genuine and do not violate socially accepted norms. It takes us up to 24 hours to screen your photos, during which period your photos will not be visible. We will notify you via email once your photo passes the screening process and becomes visible on MyLifePair.com.

A. Privacy options of 'Password Protection' and 'Photo Visible to Contacted and Accepted Members' are available on MyLifePair.com.
Click here to change your Photo Privacy settings.

A. To search for Profiles on MyLifePair.com, you can use any of the following options:
1. Basic Search allows you to search for Profiles as per basic criteria like age, height, marital status, religion, location, etc.
2. The Advanced Search option gives you more detailed search options. The additional search options include education, profession, skin tone, Manglik status, etc.
3. The Who is online option lets you search for Profiles who are currently online onMyLifePair.com.
4. The Special Cases option allows you to search for physically/mentally challenged Members.
5. The Saved Search option allows you to save up to five searches with different criteria. You can run a Saved Search at a later time to get a list of Members who match the criteria specified.
6. The ‘Refine Search’ option appears on the left of your page after you have performed a search. The Refine Search feature allows you to drill down and filter your results based on photo availability, marital status, mother tongue, religion, country, state, city, education, profession and more.
7. Additionally, you can also use Profile ID search to locate particular Members on MyLifePair.com.

A. Search results are shown by default using a custom algorithm developed by MyLifePair.com. This is used to maximize responses to your Profile. You can also sort the results by ‘Newest First’ and ‘Last Logged in First’.

A. A MyLifePair.com uses different icons to denote the status of Profile information, e.g. whether a Phone number is verified or not, whether the horoscope is added or not, etc.

A. Based on your Profile and Partner Preferences, MyLifePair.com shows you a list of Profiles under your Matches list.
Preferred Matches: These are Members who exactly match your Partner Preferences,
Broader Matches: These are Members who match some of your Partner Preferences and are slightly outside some of your other Preferences.
Reverse Matches: These Members have set Partner Preferences that match your Profile information.

A. If you like a Member’s Profile, we recommend that you contact the Member immediately by Expressing Interest. In case you want to decide later, you can add these Members to a ‘Shortlist’. You can revisit these Profiles by visiting the Shortlists page and decide to Express Interest later.
You can create upto 10 Shortlists. You can also add the same Profile to multiple Shortlists that you have created.

A. Yes. Click here to see a list of Members who have recently viewed your Profile.

A. While searching you may come across Profiles that you may not want to consider in your Partner Search. You can ignore such Profiles we will ensure that these Profiles will not shown again to you on MyLifePair.com.
By ignoring irrelevant Profiles, you will be improving our algorithm that shows you Matches / Search Results. If you change your mind, you can access these Profiles from the Ignored Members list and Express Interest in them.

A. Contacting Members on MyLifePair.comis FREE. You can contact Members that you like by Expressing Interest in their Profiles. These Members will receive an Interest from you, in their MyLifePair.com Inbox and will additionally receive a notification as well. These Members can choose to respond to your Interest by Accepting or declining it.

A. As a Premium Member on MyLifePair.com you can send a “Premium Interest”, i.e. along with your Interest, you can post your Profile on the Member’s Wall and send an email with your Profile to the Member.
Additionally, you can also initiate Chats via Instant Messenger to get faster responses or grab more attention by sending an SMS directly to the Member's mobile phone.

A. Members who Express Interest in you, will appear in your Inbox. We recommend that your respond to these Interests by Accepting or Declining them. Accepting an Interest indicates that you agree to communicate with the Member. Click here to access your Accepted Members list. Declining an Interest indicates that you are not interested in the Member and do not wish to communicate any further.
While we recommend that you make it a point to respond to all Interests in your Inbox, you can also remove an Interest from your Inbox by deleting it. In this case, the Member who sent you the Interest will not be notified.
In some cases, you may have second thoughts after Expressing Interest in a Member. In such cases, you can Cancel your Interest and stop all further communication.
You can find all Declined, Cancelled and Deleted Interests in your Deleted folder.

A. Yes, you can Decline a Member that you have accepted.

A. Yes, you can accept a Member after Declining.

A. Yes, you can cancel your Interest in this Member.

A. My Filters’ helps you to filter out Members on the basis of multiple criteria like Age, Marital Status, Height, Manglik/Kuja Dosham, Religious Background, Country of Residence, etc. Interests from Members who do NOT meet your Filter criteria will appear in the ‘Filtered out’ folder in your Inbox.
Note: Setting Filters that are too tight may considerably reduce the number of Interests that you receive in your Inbox. We recommend that you use this feature ONLY if you are receiving Interest from too many Members who don't meet your requirements.

A. Yes, even if you do not meet the Filter criteria of the Member, you still have a chance to Express Interest in the Member’s Profile. This Interest will appear in the Member’s Filtered out folder and may result in a delayed response.

A. ‘My Filters’ helps you to filter out Members on the basis of multiple criteria like Age, Marital Status, Height, Manglik/Kuja Dosham, Religious Background, Country of Residence, etc. Interests from Members who do NOT meet your Filter criteria will appear in the ‘Filtered out’ folder in your Inbox.
Note: Setting Filters that are too tight may considerably reduce the number of Interests that you receive in your Inbox. We recommend that you use this feature ONLY if you are receiving Interests by too many Members who don't meet your requirements.

A. As the name suggests, the Request Photo feature allows you to request Members to add photos to their Profile. To use this feature:1. Login to
2. Ensure that your own photo is added to your Profile
3. If you see a Profile that doesn’t have a photograph, you can request a photo by clicking on the ‘Request Photo’ button
4. We will convey your request to the Member who will automatically be added to your Sent Requests folder
5. We will send you an email notification if the Member uploads his/her photo
6. Similarly, you can check the Requests tab in your Inbox and respond to Photo Requests that you receive

A. The "Request Contact Details" feature allows you to request contact details of Members who have either not entered contact details or have selected not to display their contact details to Premium Members. To use this feature:
1. Login to
2. If a Member has not verified his / her phone number Click on the "Request Phone Number" link on a Member's Profile page.
3. This Request will appear in the other Member’s Inbox and he/she can choose to approve your Request by verifying his / her contact details.
4. If the Member approves your Request, you will receive an email confirming that the Member has verified his/her contact details.
5. similarly, if the Member requests your Contact Details, this Request will appear in your Inbox under the ‘Requests’ tab

A. While the Customer Relations team of MyLifePair.com strives to facilitate matrimony between its Members, the team is not authorized to contact Members on your behalf. You may want to consider the Personalize service where a team of experts manage your Profile on your behalf.

A. On the Chat list you can see Accepted Members, Shortlists and Matches who are online. Using PM Chat is completely FREE.

A. Yes, you can search for Online Members by using the Whois Online search.

A. You can appear offline to all Members while continuing to chat with Members you prefer. You can do this by changing your Chat Status from “I am Online” to "Invisible".

A. You can go offline from PM Chat by changing your Chat status from "I am Online" to "Offline". Please note that this will decrease your chances of being contacted, as Members will not see you online on their PM Chat list.

A. You can “Ignore” or “Decline” a particular Member if you do not wish to receive any Chats from them. These Members will also not be able to see you online on PM Chat.

A. You can choose to Block Members if you do not wish them to view your Profile or contact you onMyLifePair.com. This Member will not be shown again to you and his/her Profile can be accessed from your Blocked Members list. If you change your mind, you can unblock this Member.

A. You can Report a Profile to the MyLifePair.com Safety team whenever you observe any misuse onMyLifePair.com, e.g. False Profile information, Fake/Obscene photos, abusive messages, etc. Reporting a Profile will automatically Block the Member as well.

A. Registration on MyLifePair.com is FREE! For absolutely no cost, you can register and create your Profile. Some of the benefits you get as a free Member are,
1. Create your Profile on Mylifepair.com
2. Add upto 2 to 3 photos to your Profile (privacy options available).
3. Add your contact details (privacy options available).
4. Add additional Profile information like Family details, Horoscope details, Hobbies/Interests, etc.
5. Set your Partner Preferences to get the right Matches.
6.  Get upto 10 contact number. And chatting with members till 15 days as a trail
7. Search for Profiles using upto 26 parameters like Age, Height, Religion, etc.
8. Browse Matches as per your Partner Preferences.
9. Contact / Express Interest in Members you like.
10. Get Notified and Respond (Accept/Decline) to Members who contact you.
11. Shortlist the Profiles that you like and view them later.
12. Ignore Profiles that you don’t like and hide them from your Search results/Matches.

A. A paid Membership is called a Premium Membership on MyLifePair.com. Premium Members enjoy additional features by which they can promote their Profile on MyLifePair.com to other Members.

A. As a Premium Member you can Promote your Profile to other Members in the following ways:-
1. Post your Profile on the Member's Wall and get noticed.
2. Send an Email with your Profile to the Member's email id.
3. Connect instantly via Chat and get faster responses.
4. Send an SMS to the Member's mobile phone
becoming a Premium Member increases your chances of getting a response. Our data shows that the finding a partner is 12 times more likely if you upgrade to a Premium Membership.

A.We Have 2 kinds of Services: Online Premium Plus Membership & Personalized Services.
Premium Plus Plan: This is subcategorized into Silver Package (3 months), Gold  (6 months), and Diamond (9 months)
Personalized Service: Which Dedicate a Personal Relationship Assistant Who takes care of your profile on behalf of you.& Arrange the meeting with both people.

A. The MyLifePair.com Spotlight features Profiles right on top of relevant Search results. Being featured here increases your chances of being contacted by 20 times!

A. Prices Listed on MyLifePair.com are inclusive of all taxes viz. Service Tax. There are no additional costs.

A. Upgrading to a Premium Membership is easy. Click here to view our Membership options and select one to upgrade!

A. Click here to Upgrade to a Premium Membership now!

A. A MyLifePair.com offers you wide-ranging easy payment options - Online Options, Bank Deposit, and Money Transfer.

A. Yes you can. We accept all leading credit cards. Click here to Upgrade to a Premium Membership now!

A. Yes, 100% Secure! Your credit card information is entered on a Secure Server using SSL Technology and 128-bit encryption which is one of the highest levels of security provided by websites. The information is transmitted in an encrypted fashion to our payment gateway and your card is charged online. Finally, to provide the highest level of security, we do not store your credit card information on our online server at any time.  

A. We accept all Master and Visa credit cards.  Click here to Upgrade to a Premium Membership now!

A. Yes, you can pay using your Visa Debit Card. We would like to caution you that some banks that issue Debit Cards do not allow online Debit Card payments. So please check with your bank.
Click here to Upgrade to a Premium Membership now!

A. If you have sent us your payment via demand draft it is possible that we have not received the payment yet. Your Premium Membership will be activated only once we receive the payment. We will notify you via email, once we receive the payment and activate your Premium Membership.
Optionally, if you have made an online payment using your credit card, and your account is still not active, it is possible that we might require some more information from you. Also, sometimes it takes upto 12 hours for the payment notification to reach us. We will notify you via email, once we receive the payment and activate your Premium Membership.

A. Since MyLifePair.com allows its Members to communicate with other Members before they pay, we generally do not refund Membership fees. This policy, while providing value for money forMyLifePair.com Members, also ensures that the company is protected. Any exceptions to this policy will be made at the sole discretion of theMyLifePair.com management.  

A. A MyLifePair.com Alerts help you get instant updates of the important activity related to your Profile. This is an effective way of being notified whenever you receive new Matches / Interests / Responses on MyLifePair. and helps you find your life partner faster.To know more about all the available alerts that you can subscribe to and manage your subscription options, visit your Email / SMS Alerts settings.

A. Subscribing to MyLifePair.com Newsletters helps you fully utilize our services to
1. find your ideal life partner quickly and easily;
2. stay updated on trends and developments in wedding-related issues; and
3. enjoy special offers and invitations.
To know more about all the available alerts that you can subscribe to and manage your subscription options, visit your Email / SMS Alerts settings.

A. Should Discuss about this.

A. We are sorry that you are facing an error while trying to use our services. We urge you to report this error to our Customer Relations team with the following details:
1. The URL, that leads to the error
2. The error message
3. The date, time, and location of access when you encounter the error.

A. A MyLifePair.com uses cookies to deliver the various services and to keep track of your personal preference. A cookie is a small text file that can be entered into the memory of your browser to help a website recognize repeat users, facilitate the user's ongoing access to and use of the site, and make content improvements and targeted advertising.Please note that the use of cookies is a necessary part of theMyLifePair.com technology and are necessary if you wish to accessMyLifePair.com. Disabling the cookie feature on your browser or deleting cookie files from your computer will render you unable to access certain features on MyLifePair.com and participate in its services. Cookies may also be necessary to provide the user with certain features such as customized delivery of information.
A MyLifePair.com uses cookies to provide its core matrimonial service, to deliver content specific to your interests, to save your password so you don't have to re-enter it each time you visit different pages on our site, and for other purposes. We do not and will not use cookies to collect private information from any user. Please note that cookies are used only to recollect information sent to your computer fromMyLifePair.com. We CANNOT access any information on your computer that is not sent byMyLifePair.com.

A. The reason for this could be related to your Internet Browser. Your browser seems to be displaying old content and is not refreshing the content. This is called caching. To refresh your page successfully, access your content settings and clear your cache.
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